Terms of service


1. Registration of appointments is possible via the website https://uwazna.medsoft.pl/ or by phone 796 038 230.
2. The services are subject to payment in accordance with the currently valid price list available at www.uwazna-psycholog.pl/cennik-pracownia.
3. Payments are accepted in cash, by card and by bank transfer.
4. In the case of on-line consultations, a prepayment to the bank account is required.
5. The transfers can also be used by patients in psychotherapy, provided that all sessions from a given month are paid with one transfer. The transfer should be made by the 25th day of the current month to the account of ING Bank Śląski 18 1050 1520 1000 0097 3286 2066.
6. In the event of absence or non-cancellation of the visit with the required advance notice (min 48 hours), the patient bears the full cost of the visit.
7. If the patient is late, the meeting time is not extended.
8. Specialists provide services in accordance with their qualifications.
9. During the consultation, the specialist assesses whether the problem the patient reports with is within his / her competence. As a result of the diagnosis, the therapist may decide that the issue the patient reports requires referral to another professional.
10. In the process of psychotherapy detailed rules are agreed with the psychotherapist in an oral or written therapeutic contract, in particular: the frequency of sessions, the method of arranging, canceling and changing the date of therapeutic sessions, session recordings, etc.
11. Specialists are obliged to maintain professional secrecy. The exceptions are life-threatening or health-threatening situations, situations regulated by separate legal regulations and supervisions being an integral part of psychotherapy.
12. Specialists are required to provide exhaustive information on their education and work experience and applied therapeutic methods. They are not required to provide information about their personal life.
13. To ensure high quality of services, the work of psychologists and psychotherapists is subject to regular supervision by experienced supervisors.

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