• Psychotherapy is a long-term process of psychological treatment.
  • Main goal is to help you understand your emotions, trace your thought processes and help you understand the underlying reasons of your behavior and difficulties.
  • With all other interpersonal or intra personal problems like: anxiety, depression, personality disorders, suicidle thoughts and other self-destructive impulses or simply for those who'd like to get to know themselvse better.

We treat:

  • depression and other affective disorders,
  • anxiety and psychosomatic disorders (neuroses), social phobia,
  • personality disorders and maladaptive styles of functioning,
  • emotional disorders of women in connection with pregnancy and childbirth,
  • developmental age disorders (children and adolescents),
  • behavioral disorders,
  • problems as a result of sudden or chronic stress (traumas, injuries, crises)
  • mental disorders and diseases,
  • persistent difficulties in love, sexual, social and professional relationships,
  • lowered self-esteem and self-esteem
  • and other psychological dilemmas.

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