We listen, we help.


UWAŻNA ia a Polish word means careful, observant, attentive and mindful.

These are the features which describe our team. We are here to:

  • carefully listen to your story,
  • observe your emotions and participate in exploring them,
  • attentively analyze your problems and offer a different, meaningful perspective,
  • provide a mindful support in your struggle with overcoming difficulties.

We provide a comprehensive and reliable service to everyone who experience problems in emotional, personal, professional and sexual life. Our aim is to improve both your relationship with others and with yourself.

We offer counseling, psychotherapy and psychiatric consultations also for English-speaking patients. We work with adults and teenagers. We offer our services in person and on-line. Our Therapy Center focuses on psychodynamic perspective which is aimed to provide deep and symbolic understanding which goes along with real change and reflection on current situation. We care to provide the highest standards in mental health care which are based on the validity of methods used by our specialists, wide range of theoretical perspectives as well as ethical values. Our psychotherapists and psychiatrists continuously extend their competences to offer the best available kind of help.

Psychotherapy, counseling and psychiatric treatment – basic differences

For English-speaking patients - adults and teenagers alike - we offer counseling, psychotherapy and psychiatric consultations in person or on-line. What's the difference?


Counselling is a short-term psychological process. Its main goal is to identify problematic issues and support or modify the coping mechanisms during the crisis. The counselling is meant to be a turning point for patient’s journey towards the recovery. It is recommended for patents having troubles with getting accustomed to the Polish reality, facing problems with raising children in a different country and culture. The psychologist supports the relations with partners, family and co-workers offering contemporary psychological support and guidance in possible treatment options.

  • Counselling is a short-term psychological process.
  • Main goal is to identify issues, help with coping during a crises and support the patient towards recovery.
  • For those of you having trouble with getting acustomed to the Polish reality, raising children in a different country, getting along with colleagues, partners or family, looking for psychological support or guidance in possible treatment options for any other reason.


Psychotherapy is a long-term, in-depth psychological treatment. Its main goal is to provide a deep understanding of emotions and trace the whole-life development thought the prism of the symptoms and difficulties. Psychotherapy helps to understand the underlying reasons of current behavior though the examination of the unconscious process. It is recommended for inter- or intra-personal problems such as anxiety, depression, personality disorders, suicidal thoughts and other self-destructive impulses. It is also suggested for those who would like to know themselves better or seek a way of self-development.

  • Psychotherapy is a long-term process of psychological treatment.
  • Main goal is to help you understand your emotions, trace your thought processes and help you understand the underlying reasons of your behavior and difficulties.
  • With all other interpersonal or intra personal problems like: anxiety, depression, personality disorders, suicidle thoughts and other self-destructive impulses or simply for those who'd like to get to know themselvse better.

Both psychotherapy and counselling can be carried out only by the qualified specialists, who have started the 4-year psychotherapy course in one of the approved psychotherapy schools. The psychotherapist may also be a psychologist but being a psychologist does not entitle to conduct a professional psychotherapy. Out Center cooperates only with the specialists entitles to conducting the psychotherapy process.


Psychiatric treatment is a process held only by a specialist with medical education. It can be an independent treatment or a form of support for patients in psychotherapy. The psychiatrist can issue a prescription for medications and may issue a sick leave. It is psychotherapists duty to refer the patient to a hospital or indicate another adequate psychiatric treatment.

  • Can advice and support.
  • May issue a prescription for medications.
  • May issue a sick leave.
  • May refer you to a hospital or indicate another adequate psychiatric treatment.

Our psychotherapy cabinet

The aim of UWAŻNA Therapy Center is to offer all described above kinds of help and assists you in choosing your way of treatment. Our specialists work as a team to provide you a comprehensive support. Our psychotherapy cabinet is located near the city center in the quiet part of Poznań. UWAŻNA offers four comfortable consulting rooms creating a good and safe atmosphere for the therapy.



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